Superimposition Records is record label operating under Whiteberg Global.
The company provides recording studio facilities and equipment along with marketing services.

Director: Steve Panini

Albums and Mp3's on Superimposition Records

Whiteberg: Insect Unnatural History

Whiteberg: Music for Horror Films

Whiteberg: Telepathic Movements through Ultrasonic Art

Whiteberg: Spiritus - Dougy's Mind Remix

Whiteberg: Dougy's Mind

Count Whiteberg & Baron White: Improvisations For Classical Guitar (Free dowload)

Whiteberg: Hairy Monsterland

Whiteberg: Bhagavad Gita

Whiteberg: tao te ching

Superimposition Records: 1978-1991 (A Retrtospective)

Superimposition Records Back Catalogue

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